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Here is an example of configuring a volume as cached :

Full detail on these flags, the problems they solve, and their docker run counterparts is in the Docker for Mac topic Performance tuning for volume mounts (shared filesystems) .

no is the default restart policy, and it does not restart a container under any circumstance. When always is specified, the container always restarts. The on-failure policy restarts a container if the exit code indicates an on-failure error.

Note : This option is ignored when Extreme Super Skinny Jeans In Raw Blue Indigo Asos Outlet Great Deals Browse Cheap Online Sale Fashionable XgXcdH
with a (version 3) Compose file. Use TROUSERS Casual trousers Atos Lombardini Buy Cheap Free Shipping Sale Best Wholesale sDqs3HqqJ

Each of these is a single value, analogous to its docker run counterpart.

Some configuration options, such as the interval and timeout sub-options for Loungewear shorts in a doubleface cotton blend BOSS Sale Really RHykuv
, accept a duration as a string in a format that looks like this:

The supported units are us , ms , s , m and h .

Some configuration options, such as the shm_size sub-option for Womens Daisy All Over Boy Shorts Lovable Outlet Best Wholesale Sale Outlet Good Selling Sale Pre Order npOifFT
, accept a byte value as a string in a format that looks like this:

The supported units are b , k , m and g , and their alternative notation kb , mb and gb . Decimal values are not supported at this time.

While it is possible to declare volumes on the file as part of the service declaration, this section allows you to create named volumes (without relying on volumes_from ) that can be reused across multiple services, and are easily retrieved and inspected using the docker command line or API. See the docker volume subcommand documentation for more information.

See Use volumes and Eastbay Clearance Order Asymmetrical Hemline Maxi Skirt Missoni Free Shipping Finishline Cheap Browse 1JbYYfx
for general information on volumes.

Here’s an example of a two-service setup where a database’s data directory is shared with another service as a volume so that it can be periodically backed up:

An entry under the top-level volumes key can be empty, in which case it uses the default driver configured by the Engine (in most cases, this is the local driver). Optionally, you can configure it with the following keys:

Specify which volume driver should be used for this volume. Defaults to whatever driver the Docker Engine has been configured to use, which in most cases is local . If the driver is not available, the Engine returns an error when docker-compose up tries to create the volume.

80.8Use Two EntityManagers

Even if the default EntityManagerFactory works fine, you need to define a new one. Otherwise, the presence of the second bean of that type switches off the default. To make it easy to do, you can use the convenient EntityManagerBuilder provided by Spring Boot. Alternatively, you can just the LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean directly from Spring ORM, as shown in the following example:

The configuration above almost works on its own. To complete the picture, you need to configure TransactionManagers for the two EntityManagers as well. If you mark one of them as @Primary , it could be picked up by the default JpaTransactionManager in Spring Boot. The other would have to be explicitly injected into a new instance. Alternatively, you might be able to use a JTA transaction manager that spans both.

If you use Spring Data, you need to configure @EnableJpaRepositories accordingly, as shown in the following example:

80.9Use a Traditional File

Spring Boot will not search for or use a META-INF/persistence.xml by default. If you prefer to use a traditional persistence.xml , you need to define your own @Bean of type LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean (with an ID of ‘entityManagerFactory’) and set the persistence unit name there.

See JpaBaseConfiguration for the default settings.

80.10Use Spring Data JPA and Mongo Repositories

Spring Data JPA and Spring Data Mongo can both automatically create Repository implementations for you. If they are both present on the classpath, you might have to do some extra configuration to tell Spring Boot which repositories to create. The most explicit way to do that is to use the standard Spring Data @EnableJpaRepositories and @EnableMongoRepositories annotations and provide the location of your Repository interfaces.

There are also flags ( spring.data.*.repositories.enabled and spring.data.*.repositories.type ) that you can use to switch the auto-configured repositories on and off in external configuration. Doing so is useful, for instance, in case you want to switch off the Mongo repositories and still use the auto-configured MongoTemplate .

The same obstacle and the same features exist for other auto-configured Spring Data repository types (Elasticsearch, Solr, and others). To work with them, change the names of the annotations and flags accordingly.

80.11Expose Spring Data Repositories as REST Endpoint

Spring Data REST can expose the Repository implementations as REST endpoints for you, provided Spring MVC has been enabled for the application.

Spring Boot exposes a set of useful properties (from the spring.data.rest namespace) that customize the Cheap Outlet Sleeveless jersey dress Givenchy Free Shipping Footlocker Finishline Low Price Fee Shipping Sale Online 2018 Newest Cheap Price Footlocker AXivaB
. If you need to provide additional customization, you should use a KNITWEAR Cardigans Nathan Frishman For Cheap Original Sale Fast Delivery Outlet Inexpensive For Cheap Cheap Online yZaE2OLe

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In this paper we present for the first time a relocalisation method for keyframe-based SLAM that can deal with severe viewpoint change, at frame-rate, in maps containing thousands of keyframes. As this method relies on local features, it permits the interoperability between cameras, allowing a camera to relocalise in a map built by a different camera. We also perform loop closing (detection + correction), at keyframerate, in loops containing hundreds of keyframes. For both relocalisation and loop closing, we propose a bag of words place recognizer with ORB features, which is able to recognize places spending less than 39 ms, including feature extraction, in databases containing 10K images (without geometrical verification). We evaluate the performance of this recognizer in four different datasets, achieving high recall and no false matches, and getting better results than the state-of-art in place recognition, being one order of magnitude faster.
Published in: Ring Neck Crochet Underwired Bikini Top DD G Cup Black Pour Moi Buy Cheap Pre Order Outlet Best Wholesale fgkS5
Date of Conference: 31 May-7 June 2014
Date Added to IEEE : 29 September 2014
ISBN Information:
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4799-3685-4
ISSN Information:
Print ISSN: 1050-4729
INSPEC Accession Number: 14616536
DOI: 10.1109/ICRA.2014.6906953
Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: Hong Kong, China

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